Advertising space

Taxi tops

Our taxi tops are unique in Serbia, manufactured by the highest standards, very firm and durable. Strong magnets attach them firmly to the roof so there is no possibility of falling of due to wind or bad weather. Taxi tops are completely illuminated which will make your advertisement highly visible day and night.

Taxi tops are one of the most effective solutions for outdoor advertising. They make your advertisement visible to large number of people, on daily basis, at a very attractive price. Position, great design and illumination of our taxi tops will make your advertisement stand out in every location.


Branding of taxi vehicles is very interesting and attractive form of advertising. Branded vehicles are impossible not to notice, and with good design they will especially stand out.

You can brand the whole vehicle or only a part of it, which totally depends on your creative solution.

Video displays in taxi vehicles

Currently, eighty of TAKSI TAXI’s vehicles are equipped with video displays installed in headrest of passenger’s seat. Statistics shows that every our taxi driver has 15 rides a day, in average, which means that commercial played on video displays is seen by around 1200 people, on daily basis. Considering our drivers work every day, commercial on video display is seen by around 36 000 people every month. As the number of our clients and customers constantly grows, visibility of the video displays grows as well.

Promo material distribution

Distribution of promo material like flyers or samples in taxi vehicles is excellent form of marketing, which will save your money as well. Instead of paying for promoters and never know whether your material is really distributed, with us you won’t have those problems.

With lower costs and clearly profiled target group, you can be sure that your promo material will reach potential clients. Our taxi vehicles are equipped with specially designed holders for distribution of promo material.  Holders have pockets for magazines and flyers as well as space for advertising.

If you want your advertisement seen all over Belgrade contact our marketing department in order to get the best possible offer.Contact us by an email on

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