Taxi advertising

Why taxi advertising?

Taxi advertising is very attractive and cost-effective outdoor marketing solution. Considering huge visibility on daily basis, it addresses all target groups. Taxi advertising puts your add solution directly in eye-level of your potential customers, which makes it very effective. Thanks to that your advertisement is visible not only to pedestrians, but to passengers in city transportation and car drivers as well.

One of the main advantages of taxi advertising is mobility. Taxies go where people go, and every taxi driver passes several hundred kilometers, on weekly basis, driving to attractive locations like airport, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, business centers… That fact makes taxi advertisement visible to great number of people, especially on locations where no other advertisement solution is possible.

Cost-effective solution

Compared to traditional media like TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, taxi advertisement is definitely the most cost-effective solution, because it has the lowest CPM(cost per thousand impressions), and the best recall rate.

Taxi advertising is relatively new marketing solution in Belgrade, but one of the most common in European cities, and especially in America. Statistics shows that taxi advertisement is four times more efficient than classic static billboards.

Advertising on our taxi vehicles you will have great effect for the low price. Contact us in order to set up a meeting and find the best possible solution for your campaign.

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