If your company needs taxi transportation, we can offer you many benefits. Voucher system allows corporate clients to pay for our services via invoice. Your employees won’t have to use cash anymore, and at the end of the month, we will send you invoice along with copies of all used vouchers.

TAKSI Taxi takes great care about the quality of services we provide, and for that reason all of our vehicles are air conditioned and categorized, and our drivers friendly and professional. Corporate clients have a priority when ordering a vehicle, so the time you have to wait for it is minimal.

Creativity and professional approach helps us service every need of our clients, when it comes to transportation. Whether you need taxi ride, intercity ride, or transport some small material, you can rely on us.

To our corporate clients we offer a number of additional benefits such as:

  • Deferred payment
  • Ordering vehicles in advance
  • Organized meetings at the airport, waiting time free of charge
  • Discount on advertising space
  • Possibility of free add

If you are interested in becoming one of our clients we will be glad to meet you. Contact us by an email on

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